Yes, we know it –there’s a bright side to traveling alone. It thickens your skin, sharpens your sense of survival and you experience a kind of complete freedom you rarely get in other circumstances. But, what about when you travel with more than 300 people at the same time?

Here, you’ll get 3 reasons why we believe traveling with friends ultimately beats traveling alone.

1.    Exclusivity everywhere. Be it a private dinner at the best restaurant of the city, a conference with a recognized leader of the country or a paradise local party, the bigger the group the better the experience (at a lower price!)

2.  You get to meet new people. In your program you surely study with interesting people you’ve never had the opportunity to get to know. Why not do it during a trip? Traveling is the perfect scenery to network, make new friends, or who knows, maybe get your next business partner! Discover stories and collect memories while getting around in a new and exciting place!

3.   More risks and more safety. When traveling with some company, you’ll be willing to take more risks and do things you just wouldn’t do alone. A horseback riding experience through Medellin’s mountains o a private party at a remote Island? The options are infinite when you have people to share them with

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