Our intention is to transform and rebuild Colombia’s image through a different kind of tourism.

We have worked with groups as large as 350 students, offering them a fully organized trip from beginning to end, yet allowing every traveler to decide what kind of experience they want to have.

We offer a schedule comprising both academic and cultural activities, as well as a wide selection of entertainment options. Every student is free to decide where they want to go and what they want to do based on their own personal interest. This way, travelers get to know others that think alike. Our schedules are so versatile that our clients say that each traveler is able to experience the trip in their own way, even when travelling all at once. 

We put our clients first, and let them choose. 

More than 3,000 students from 11 of the world’s most recognized MBA programs have traveled with us to Colombia.

Why don’t you do the same?

Become the next ambassador of Colombia
and help us fulfill our mission!

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